Explore the world in your own backyard at the Santa Monica Global Festival with DRINK-A-PALOOZA!

The 3rd Street Promenade into a global village will be transformed into the Santa Monica Global Festival where participants will experience drinking games (by Drink-A-Palooza), tastes, textures, sights, sounds and fragrances from distant lands.

Drink-A-Palooza Drinking Game will have interactive booths display with the drinking game on display and for sale.  Other items found at the festival will include clothing, artifacts, music, pottery, artwork,  games, crafts and tasty samples from every continent.  Included at the event will be live entertainment with music, dance and cultural demonstrations in the streets of Santa Monica.

Looking for unique drinking game?  Well come down and see the Drink-A-Palooza game…

Drink-a-Palooza is the only party game that takes all the games you grew up playing and your favorite college keg party games like Kings Cup (also known as Ring Of Fire or Circle Of Death) Beer Pong, Quarters and even Spin the Bottle.  Make sure to stop over and spin the wheel and win some prizes.  There will be discounts on drinking games, beer pong balls and other products sold by Drink-A-Palooza.  This game is a perfect gift for college students and is a fun and exciting drinking game played with friends, if you are at a new college party,  with beer or liquor, the house party could use this drinking games.  As the number one American drinking board game at this fiesta, Drink-A-Palooza, is coming off its spring break celebration.  This game makes ultimate spring break party into a fun spring break party.  If you are looking for great gadgets for guys or gifts for him or her you should purchase the most popular drinking game out – DRINK-A-PALOOZA!  We know you will love it – It’s a party in a box: Drinking Game – GAME ON!

drink drank drunk drinking game

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